Taking the time…

Posted 6 February 2019 by Kiki870 in creativity / 0 Comments


Over the past several years, I’ve really let my crafting time go. I finally realized how much I not only missed it but I needed it. But life has a way of taking over and taking priority. First it was college and still trying to do the Domestic Goddess thing. Too many papers to write, too many projects to complete, too much studying… didn’t leave a lot of time for much of anything else. And in the middle of that, a move from New York to Arizona in the middle of a semester. That was… fun. Once again, not a lot of time for much crafting. I did get into art journaling for a while, and I loved it. But life got in the way when first my mother, then my father, got sick and passed away. After that, I just had zero creative juices. We moved to Hawaii a year later, and I started writing full-time. Between that and everything else, a lot fell by the wayside.

But stress is killer, and I need something to relieve that. So, I’m trying to make time for creativity beyond writing. Crocheting, art journaling, something new. I don’t know that it’s considered crafty, but I want to learn lettering. That’s next on my list. Then, even if I can’t draw worth a damn, maybe my planner can look marginally prettier!

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