One-Shoulder T-shirt Recon

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This is a quick and super easy recon with just one piece of sewing.  The neckline is fully adjustable with a drawstring.  It’s casual and cute and I wear mine all the time!


  • 1 men’s t-shirt, at least a size or two bigger (I sometimes go three sizes bigger!)
  • thread
  • pins
  • safety pin
  • 5’ of narrow ribbon (optional)


about 45 minutes


The neckline is gathered to fit.  The ribbon can be used instead of the T-shirt string I show in the tutorial below.



1.  Turn inside out and lay t-shirt flat on cutting surface.  Be sure shoulder seams are even across the top and fabric is smooth and wrinkle-free.

2.  Draw straight line (pink line below) from the armpit seam to the shoulder, as close to the collar as possible.  Cut along that line, saving the cut piece.


3.  Fold over cut edge down about 1” and pin in place. The green line is the raw edge.


4. Start at shoulder seam and sew around neckline very close to the raw edge, stopping about 1” from where you started.  That will make the casing for your ribbon or T-shirt string.

5.  T-shirt string (optional):  See pic below.  Using the part previously cut from the original T-shirt, cut along the yellow line, cutting off the under arm seam.  Cut along red line, cutting off sleeve hem.  Cut two strips about ½” wide, the blue lines.  Tightly knot one end of each together and keep the tails short.  Hold the knot in one hand and pull free end and stretch out that half.  Repeat for other side.  If you want your string longer, just cut off another strip and add it and stretch it.


6.  Safety pin one end of ribbon or string and insert into the opening in the neck string and thread it through the neckline.  Even your ends. When you wear it, you will tighten it to your body and tie in a bow on your shoulder.

7.  Cut along the blue line, which will create a flutter sleeve.  If you want it to ruffle a little, gently stretch raw edge all the way around the sleeve, forming an almost lettuce ruffle.


8.  Enjoy!  You can wear the tied bow out on your shoulder or tuck it inside, out of view.