Drawstring Bag

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  • Fabric:  2 coordinating colors  (11” x 21” each)
  • Notions:  4 yards nylon cording, grommets
  • Misc:  lighter


  1. All seam allowances are 5/8” unless otherwise noted.
  2. The height and width of your fabric can be adjusted to any size for your bag.


1.  Fold outer fabric right sides together, matching short edges at the top, and iron fold.  Repeat for lining fabric.

2.  Cut nylon cord in half, burning cut ends in a flame to sear the ends.

3.  With right sides together, pin lining and outer fabrics together along long sides.

4.  Fold 1 piece of cord in half and sandwich it between right sides of fabric right above ironed fold and pin in place, drawing folded edge of cord through the open top.  Repeat for other cord, placing edges on same side of ironed fold.  See pics below.


5.  Sew sides together, reversing over cords several times to reinforce.

6.  Turn inside out through the open end and iron flat, ensuring seam is flat at the outer edge.  Be sure the hot iron does not touch the nylon cord.  See pic below.


7.  Fold lining and outer fabric inside ¼” and press in place.  Top stitch in place close to fold.  Repeat on other end.  See pic below.


8. From each short edge, measure down 2” on either side and mark with pins.  See pic below.


9. Fold fabric in half with outer fabric sides together, matching short edges and pins.  Gather cords inside, folding cords parallel to fold.  Sew from fold to pins on either side, reversing several times over cords to reinforce.  See pic below.


10. Turn bag right side out and fold back top flap and hold it in place. Take cord from right side and place it over the open flaps, ensuring the fold of the cord is on the left side and one side of the cord is on each flap.  Repeat for other cord.  See pics below.


11. Fold flap edges to the top of the side seams and pin in place for both flaps, taking care not to catch cords in pins.  See pic below.


12. Sew flaps in place over topstitching on the flap edge, ensuring cord is not caught in the seam.

13.  Enjoy!