Anti-Creature Work Apron

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This was made in honor of my youngest, The Creature, who was always into everything while I work.  This keeps my tools safely corralled away from him!


  • Fabric: medium weight canvas (I used 3 patterns.)
  • Notions: heavy ribbon


Without The Creature, about 45 minutes


1. My cutting mat has rounded corners so I used that to trace the bottom corners of the base and pocket pieces, but straight is fine.

2. I also folded the tops hems of the two pockets in .5″ twice for extra stability. My canvas was heavy enough that I had to iron my hems and folds before sewing, especially with #3 in putting it together below!

The Pieces:

1. APRON BASE: 2 pieces 15.5″ x 24″

2. LARGER POCKET: 1 piece 12.25″ x 24″

3. SMALLER POCKET: 1 piece 8.25″ x 24″

4. WAIST BAND: 2 pieces 4″x 24″

5. RIBBON: 36″+


1. Hem top edges of both pocket pieces, folding each over .5″ twice.

2. Right sides up layer (from bottom up) 1 apron base, large pocket, small pocket, aligning bottom raw edges. Sew vertical lines from bottom to the top of the larger pocket, reinforcing at top of each pocket. Space lines as you wish.

3. On waist band, iron top and bottom edges in .5″. Fold in half, aligning pressed edges and iron.

4. Take each apron base piece and sandwich it within the waist band piece and pin.

5. Right sides together, pin apron bases together and sandwich ribbon ends into the waist band seam area from between the right sides.

6. Sew together with a 3/8″ seam allowance. Clip corners and turn right side out. Press.

7. Top stitch along top & bottom edge of waist band with a 3/8″ allowance. Top stitch apron from just beneath the waist band around to other waist band.

8. Put on and stun others with your crafty beauty!